Frequently Asked Questions

How does Soul work?
You can set a specific radius, and you will have the option to match with anyone that’s within that distance. You can swipe right on a picture and “like” (heart) their profile or swipe left and “pass” (X) on their profile. If you and somebody else both swipe right and “like” each other, you’re officially a "match" and have the option to chat with one another.

Is Soul free?
Duh! You can’t put a price on love…

I accidentally swiped left on somebody, what do I do?
Unfortunately, there's no way to get this person back once you swipe left. You can always delete your account to reset the cycle. Keep in mind all your matches and messages will be deleted alongside your account.

Do you need a Facebook to make a Soul Account?
Yes, we use Facebook login and authentication to assure you match and chat with real people. Soul will never post anything on your behalf.

How do I change my profile photo?
Changing your Facebook picture will now change you Soul photos. To change your profile picture simply do the following:

1. Make sure you have a second picture uploaded

2.Tap on the second picture and a pop will show up saying, "Set as Profile Picture?" 

What do the book and people icons mean?
Those icons represent the amount of mutual interests and friends you have with that person on Facebook.

Am I able to message users I haven’t matched with?
No, you can only message other users that have “liked” you as well.

I’m losing matches, what should I do?
Not to worry! Try logging out and logging in to see if that works. If that doesn’t work, you either accidentally deleted your account or users you matched with have deleted their account.

Do you have to be African-American to sign up?
Nope! Soul is open to all and everybody’s welcomed.

Why are my age and location incorrect on Soul?
Soul takes personal information such as birthday’s and location straight from Facebook. If you’re having trouble changing your age, please contact help@Soul.com and we will have it fixed in no time! .

Can I re-match someone once I un-match them?
Unfortunately, this can’t be undone. Once you un-match a user, they’re forever un-matched.

It says I got a new match, but when I open the app nothing is there.
This commonly happens when a user deletes their account. Not to worry! There’s plenty of “soul” on the app to swipe through.

Soul keeps on crashing.
We’re always updating our software to assure the best user experience. Please check the app store to make sure you have the latest version of Soul downloaded on your phone to avoid this issue.

Why don’t I have any matches?
Give other users some time. They probably just haven’t gotten lucky enough to see your profile yet. In the meantime, try updating your profile with new pictures and a bio to increase your chances!

Why is Soul telling me that there’s nobody around me?
Make sure your location settings are on. If this doesn’t work, try adjusting your filters in the Soul app settings.

How do I delete my account?
Go to Settings, scroll to the bottom, and hit “Delete Account”. Please be aware that deleting your account will consist of losing your entire match and chat history. We’ll miss you!

Still have a question?
Email us at help@soulswipe.com and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.