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The superior extension of the sylvian fissure and the superior temporal gyrus are seen.

  • The massive transverse fibers in the ventral portion of the pons form the middle cerebellar peduncle.

  • Adrenals• The M2-segment is the part in the sylvian fissure and the M3-segment is the cortical segment.

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Aorta• Op Cit.

  • Arterial vascular territories: This part is difficult to summarize, since it applies to anatomic territories as well as to clinical syndromes ischemic cerebrovascular accidents , therefore we only included the main territories: superficial and deep territories of the middle and anterior cerebral arteries, territory of the posterior cerebral artery, junctional cortical territories and deep anterior choroidal artery territory, territory of the posterior communicating artery, territory of the superior SCA , anterior AICA , and posterior PICA cerebellar arteries, territory of branches of the basilar artery, territory of branches of the vertebral artery and the anterior spinal artery.

  • Therefore, areas of cytotoxic edema, in which the motion of water molecules is restricted, appear brighter on diffusion-weighted images because of lesser signal losses• Tinnitus• THANK YOU• General Anatomic Borders The anatomic boundaries of the dorsomedial functional regions are poorly defined.